Make More Money!

I got your attention, didn’t I? Now, let’s get to how you can make more money.

One word: Headlines. I know, you’re thinking, “I’m out of here.” But stick with me. Remember, I can help you make more money.

To make more money, you need to engage prospective clients in a sales conversation, and then you can turn them into paying clients.

Key word in the previous sentence: “ENGAGE.” If the other person is not engaged, then it’s not a conversation. You’re just talking to yourself.

What’s the quickest way to engage them? Right out of the gate, of course; at the headline.

You use headlines all of the time, you probably just aren’t realizing it. The subject line of your email. The beginning of your social media post. The first line you write in a client letter. Even the first thing you say on a phone call to a client or prospect. All of these are headlines.

Often, that is where we fall short. We forget the key to success—engage in a conversation.

Here are three suggestions to help you raise engagement.

1. It’s not about you

This is the hardest part. We all have something we want to tell the other person, so naturally, we want to lead with that. What’s wrong with that? They probably don’t care. For example, if I expressed what I’m concerned with in my headline, this article would be called, “Please read this article so I get more clicks than the IT guy.”

In which case you wouldn’t be reading this right now, correct?

Remember—engage. Think of the conversation from the other person’s perspective. You are throwing out a headline hoping to get their attention, and you have only three seconds to do it. Think about the topic from your recipient’s perspective, not yours.

Which leads to…

2. People want Benefits

Do you think you would be reading this right now if I titled it, “Three things to know about writing headlines”? Even I don’t want to read that. With a headline you are asking someone to stop what they are doing. To do that, offer them a benefit for spending that time.

What if this article was titled “How to write great headlines”? You might be here. But I’m betting at least half of the people reading this would have moved on. They’d think, “Who cares, I’m not a writer. Doesn’t apply to me.” If I was just reaching out to the writers in the group, I might have gone this route.

But I’m not. I want to talk with everyone who is looking to move their business forward, grow their client base, and get more out of client interactions. And what do all of you have in common? You all want to make more money.

How can I tell you everything I can do to help you, and still keep it interesting? I’d better…

3. Get to the Point

So, why not “Learn to write great headlines that will make you more money”? It says everything this article is about, right? That’s just it, it says EVEYRTHING. People make judgments and move on. Also, the “make more money” is at the end. They read “Learn to write” and they’re on to the next distraction.

“Make more money!” Simple, to the point, and leaves you wanting more.


  • “I save people money on insurance,” not “Can I talk to you about my services?”
  • “Fifty percent of small businesses are underinsured, make sure you are covered,” not “Here’s a good article on the state of insurance for small businesses.”
  • “Make sure your coverage is up to date,” not “Let’s review your coverage.”
  • And of course, “I’ll make you even more money,” not “Please read my next article too, or the IT guy will never let me live it down.

The next time you call a prospect to review their needs, share an article on Facebook, or send an email to a client, I hope you consider my three simple suggestions.

Rich Shipley serves as Corporate Vice President, Marketing at Burns & Wilcox (H.W. Kaufman Financial Group), dedicated to developing and executing best-in-class marketing and communications strategies. With more than 25 years of experience, Rich leads the marketing department through providing strategic marketing leadership, mentoring a talented team of employees, and forming key vendor partnerships.