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Cross-border hat trick

Cross-Border Hat Trick

Breaking down personal property coverage barriers between the U.S. and Canada “Knowing personal property coverage is available for Canadians with liability concerns in the U.S. provides peace of mind to retail brokers and agents as well as their high-profile clients.” Canadians are well-aware of the litigious tendencies of their neighbor to the south, which makes…

Railway Insurance Regulations

Burns & Wilcox Canada Participates in Canadian Transportation Agency Review of Railway Insurance Regulations

Over the past several years several high profile derailments have made visible the increasing amount of crude oil and other hazardous material being transported by rail in Canada. In July 2013, the Canadian town of Lac Mégantic was devastated when a train carrying tankers of crude oil derailed in the downtown core leaving 42 dead….

Canadian Snowbirds Take Flight

Canadian Snowbirds Take Flight

One of the less controversial elements of the U.S. immigration bill recently passed by the Senate and being debated by the House of Representatives is a provision increasing the length of time foreign property owners can spend in the country. If the bill passes into law, foreign property owners – including Canadian snowbirds – will…

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Walk the line

Walk the Line

Working with angles to write and retain cross-border high net worth accounts About 80 percent of Canadians live within 100 miles of the United States border. That proximity, coupled with a strong Canadian dollar and a slow-recovering U.S. real estate market, has created opportunity for growth in the high-net-worth market. “More and more frequently, the…