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Largest Living Insect Heist Sparks Risk Conversation for Museums

When thieves stole 7,000 rare insects, snakes and reptiles from a Philadelphia museum in August, they forced the closure of two entire floors of the museum while it tried to replenish its $40,000 collection. Museum officials called the theft of zebra tarantulas, rhinoceros roaches and other exotic creatures the “largest living insect heist” in history….

The Risks Your Clients Should Know About When Dealing with Cannabis

In 2017, cannabis-related cultivation and retail investments reached $718 million1. In addition, the legal cannabis industry is projected to exceed $50 billion by 2022. It may seem like cannabis is the next California Gold Rush, but while there is great opportunity, there is also great risk. On top of complex and evolving local, state and…

Prepping Restaurant and Bar Clients for New or Renewed Coverage

There are more than 700,000 restaurants throughout the United States and Canada.1,2 This growing segment represents significant opportunity for brokers and agents to further develop their book of business. However, insuring a restaurant that is safe and best positioned for attaining or renewing a policy can be more difficult than some may expect. Inspections are…