roller coaster with lots of turns

Summer Recreation Tragedies Show Elements of Risk

Earlier this summer in Daytona Beach, Florida, two roller coaster riders fell 17 feet resulting in severe injuries when a car derailed due to excessive speed. An investigation showed the derailment was likely the result of the initial design of the roller coaster in combination with wear and multiple strains. Nearly a month ago, a…

trucks transporting goods near drivers

800-Pound Boulder Tragedy a Reminder of Risk in Transporting Goods

When transporting items commercially, securing your cargo properly could be the difference between life and death. A mother and daughter were tragically killed this month in Minnesota after an 800-pound boulder fell off a truck and struck their car, according to police. This tragedy – and others that do not involve loss of life –…

A Million Dollars Isn’t What It Used to Be

Commercial Umbrella Insurance All businesses can benefit from umbrella coverage. With or without a contractual obligation, adequate commercial umbrella insurance is critical to provide coverage from unforeseen risks and a safety net when liabilities exceed expectations. “Ninety-nine times out of 100, if a customer falls in your parking lot, they will want to leave quickly…

Dialing Long Distance
The new world of Commercial General Liability

The New World of Commercial Liability

How fresh coverage strategies and specialized products are protecting businesses in a world where Basic P&C Coverage no longer suffices If you’ve been on Facebook, chances are you have engaged in the popular “Remember when…?” or “Who is this?” diversion, where someone posts an old picture of a person, place or thing, then invites “friends”…

Excess & Umbrella Coverage
Virtues of Excess
Optional Coverages

Optional Coverages: Not Included in Commercial General Liability Policies, But Still Necessary

Commercial General Liability: When is an option not an option? When it is not optional, of course. It is not a joke. In the world of liability, a handful of the so-called options or add-ons to the commercial general liability (CGL) policy may still be called “options,” but for a significant portion of businesses, they…

Commercial GL Some business models fit others require more flexibility

Commercial General Liability: Some Business Models Fit, Others Require More Flexibility

It is early morning and a big truck pulls up to the company gate. A large portable fence is quickly installed and almost immediately, a dozen sheep emerge from the truck and are herded onto the property that will be their pasture for a few hours. When the grass is sufficiently short, the fencing and…