Personal article floaters

May the Force of a Personal Articles Floater Be With You

According to studio estimates, the second installment in the third Star Wars trilogy reached a debut of $220 million. That gives “The Last Jedi” the second-best opening weekend ever, behind “The Force Awakens.1 ” Whether a collection of Star Wars memorabilia, jewelry, guns, fine art, wine or antiques, retail brokers and agents should discuss the value…

How Personal Articles Floaters Can Protect Collectors and Millionaires Alike

Sitting in the homes of thousands – maybe millions – are artifacts of North American culture. This was never truer than the unfortunate circumstances of Hurricane Katrina in Louisiana. When water ruined the homes of musicians and their family members in New Orleans, much of the museum quality pieces from these homes were lost forever….

WARNING: Guns at Risk

Homeowners Policies Can Leave Your Protection Unprotected To protect themselves from unnecessary risks and hazards, gun owners know they should keep their firearms in a locked safe, hold the necessary and current license, and wear eye and ear protection when shooting. But what about protecting the firearms themselves? By relying on a standard homeowner’s policy,…

Policies Must Keep Pace with Investments

Alternative investment categories continue to be popular among high-net-worth investors who are already well-diversified in their traditional financial portfolios and are now seeking long term appreciation for tangible assets. As a result, interest in jewelry and fine art collection has grown steadily in recent years and savvy collectors have been able to realize greater returns…

Dialing Long Distance