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roller coaster with lots of turns

Summer Recreation Tragedies Show Elements of Risk

Earlier this summer in Daytona Beach, Florida, two roller coaster riders fell 17 feet resulting in severe injuries when a car derailed due to excessive speed. An investigation showed the derailment was likely the result of the initial design of the roller coaster in combination with wear and multiple strains. Nearly a month ago, a…

uber driver recording with dash cam

Uber Driver Who Recorded Passengers Pushes Privacy Boundaries

An Uber and Lyft driver who live-streamed passengers in his vehicle to a channel on the video streaming website Twitch is part of a growing number of practices that challenge privacy rights in today’s surveillance society. Since March, hundreds of St. Louis-area passengers have been streamed online without their knowledge by their driver, Jason Gargac….

wildfire approaches neighborhood
trucks transporting goods near drivers
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vacant dwelling with a fireplace

Vacant Dwelling Coverage: Protecting Assets when No One is Home

In April 2018, the U.S. Census Bureau announced that national vacancy rates in the first quarter of 2018 were seven percent for rental housing and 1.5 percent for homeowner housing. In total, there were an estimated 17,161 vacant housing units in the United States for Q1 2018. While there is ample opportunity for retail brokers…

oil spill in river
severe weather conditions

A Smart and Steady Approach to Natural Disaster Insurance

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), 2017 was the most expensive year on record for natural disasters. NOAA reported that hurricanes, wildfires and other natural events resulted in an unprecedented $306 billion in damages. As a result, globally, insurers paid a record $135 billion. Despite the staggering dollar amount, the insurance industry…

Non-Weather Related Risks and How to Protect Against Financial Loss

While severe weather is lurking around the corner, there is another threat brokers and agents should be discussing with clients: non-weather related water damage. Concealed pipes, leaky plumbing, and appliance water lines are some of the biggest and least thought about risks to households. Yet, one major leak in a client’s home could result in…