Senior Living Facilities Face Lawsuits in Aftermath of Hurricane Irma

A 90-year-old mother tragically passed away in the days following Hurricane Irma’s landfall in Florida last summer. According to a wrongful death lawsuit filed against an assisted living facility last week, her son states the facility failed to provide a safe and comfortable living environment—claiming its air conditioning and other mechanical systems failed after the…

Increasing Frequency of Dog Bites a Reminder of Costly Liability for Businesses and Pet Owners

In Pennsylvania last month, an employee filed a lawsuit against Home Depot and her supervisors alleging the defendants failed to maintain a safe work environment after she was bit by a dog brought in by a customer. Earlier this month, a toddler in North Carolina was hospitalized after he was bit by a dog. Another…


How to Protect Business Income as Hurricane Florence Approaches

More than 1 million Americans have been directed to evacuate their homes and businesses along the East Coast this week as Hurricane Florence moves toward the Carolinas. Thousands of businesses may not be operating for an extended period of time depending on the extent of damage from the storm. When a major hurricane such as…

Why Renting Out Your Swimming Pool Might Not Be Worth the Risk

Renting out your swimming pool can provide additional income given the opportunities provided by today’s sharing economy. The website Swimply functions like the aquatic equivalent of Airbnb or HomeAway for pools. It offers a digital marketplace for homeowners to rent out their pool by the hour. Rentable pools are available in at least 18 states….

kidnap and ransom

California Kidnapping, $2 Million Ransom Shows Need for Protection

A California man who owns a luxury car dealership remains missing after he was abducted by three men in July near Los Angeles, California, according to authorities. His captors have demanded $2 million in ransom. The kidnappers reportedly contacted missing entrepreneur Ruochen “Tony” Liao’s family in China to demand the ransom. The captors did not…

Married couple wearing wedding bands

$1 Billion Spent on Weekend Weddings Shows Need to Cover the Big Day

August 18 marked the peak of wedding season in the U.S. with more than 28,000 expected to have been married that day, a sought-after date given 8-18-18 is a palindrome. More marriages are coming soon: September and October are the most popular months for weddings. More than $1 billion overall was spent for August 18…

car at dealership covered in hail

Flood Sends 42 Dealership Cars Down River, a Reminder of Destruction Brought on by Weather

Inclement weather can destroy a dealership’s inventory. It happened last week in New Jersey when the Route 46 Chrysler Jeep Dodge dealership saw a flash flood send 42 vehicles down the Peckman River. It happened in July 2017 in Chicago when flooding reached more than 100 cars and caused between $4 million and $5 million…

roller coaster with lots of turns

Summer Recreation Tragedies Show Elements of Risk

Earlier this summer in Daytona Beach, Florida, two roller coaster riders fell 17 feet resulting in severe injuries when a car derailed due to excessive speed. An investigation showed the derailment was likely the result of the initial design of the roller coaster in combination with wear and multiple strains. Nearly a month ago, a…

uber driver recording with dash cam

Uber Driver Who Recorded Passengers Pushes Privacy Boundaries

An Uber and Lyft driver who live-streamed passengers in his vehicle to a channel on the video streaming website Twitch is part of a growing number of practices that challenge privacy rights in today’s surveillance society. Since March, hundreds of St. Louis-area passengers have been streamed online without their knowledge by their driver, Jason Gargac….